A PlayDuvet® is not just a playmat that lasts a few months until your baby starts rolling over.  PlayDuvet® was created by me, a mum that needed a safe, soft, clean space for her 4 month old to play once she started rolling over.  Fearful of her hitting her head on our hard, wood floor we were wary of encouraging her to learn to sit up.  With nothing on the market thick enough to protect her, fun enough to stimulate her and big enough to stop her rolling off straight away, we set about making the first PlayDuvet®.  3 years later she still plays on it every day, along with her baby brother, and us. It’s part of our family life and where we spend much of our quality time together at home playing, laughing, watching, smiling, cuddling, comforting and even sleeping in a way we wouldn’t be able to without it. PlayDuvet® is primarily about your baby but it involves all of your family… and that’s what sets it apart.

The three years, from inception to launch of PlayDuvet® as a business, have been hard, exciting and a huge learning curve.  Starting a business is always difficult, especially with young children in tow and when you get into manufacturing your own product.  Endless hours spent choosing the right fabrics, sourcing squeakers and crinkle sounds, working out how best to close the cover around the duvets, learning about child development, CE marking, trademarking, registering designs… but PlayDuvet® is a product we are passionate about and we weren’t going to give up on it.  The result is the best product that we can bring you and something we truly believe will be as indispensible as your buggy.