Isn’t it just a playmat?
The closest thing to compare a PlayDuvet® to is a playmat but PlayDuvet® is completely unique. PlayDuvet® has been designed as a product for the whole family to use and to be suitable for babies and children not just for the first months of their lives but from birth right through the early years, thanks to it’s size and the continued learning benefits (find the shape, find the colour, find the smallest/biggest...).
Face-to-face interaction is critical to the healthy development of babies and children, particularly when it is in your child’s environment on their level, where they are comfortable and feel equal to you. A traditional playmat or baby gym is intended as a space for babies alone and leaves no room for multiple children or parents to interact comfortably, often resulting in babies being left to amuse themselves, and consequently not experiencing and benefiting from the same level of interaction. And because a PlayDuvet® can be padded with a standard double duvet, it is much easier and quicker to wash and dry, softer and warmer against hard floors, and far more portable.

Isn't it just a double duvet cover?
No. PlayDuvet® has been designed specifically as a playmat and with child development in mind. It contains squeakers, crinkle sounds, ribbon tags and different textures to stimulate young children and even the position of each feature is determined by the logical use of the mat by different aged children.

  • Will my PlayDuvet® arrive already padded?

Your PlayDuvet® is a cover only, which needs to be padded with a standard double duvet.  This ensures that your PlayDuvet® is a fantastically padded and therefore safe and warm space for your little ones to play (and snooze!).  It also means that it’s as easy to wash as your bed cover and as easy to take on holiday with you as your favourite jeans!

  • How big is a PlayDuvet® and do they come in different sizes?

We produce one size of PlayDuvet® at present, a standard double duvet cover size, 200cm x 200cm.  Being square it means that your little ones have the same amount of space to roll and play length ways as width ways, and given that they never seem to roll in straight lines this makes much more sense… in our opinion!

How do you wash it?
Your PlayDuvet® cover is fully machine washable at 30 degrees with your normal coloureds load. We recommend that once you have removed the duvet from the inside, you zip the cover closed again (we find it makes it easier afterwards when you come to give it a quick shake and peg it on the line!) and pop it in your wash, right way round.

Waterproof Cover:

  • Will the waterproof cover fully protect my duvet from spilt drinks?

Absolutely.  Our waterproof cover is 100% waterproof so provided there is no damage to it, it will protect your duvet for many years to come, and plenty of accidents.

  • Is the waterproof cover machine washable?

Most accidents and spills can be wiped off but you can machine wash your waterproof cover. We recommend that you machine wash your waterproof cover on a delicate or handwash cycle on its own to prevent damage.

  • Is the waterproof cover plasticy and noisy and will it cause my baby to sweat?

No.  Our waterproof covers are very discreet and should only enhance your enjoyment of your PlayDuvet®.

  • Will the waterproof cover be suitable for me to use if I want to give my baby nappy free time?

Definitely, the waterproof cover is ideal for this and has been tried and tested many times by our own little ones and hasn’t let us down yet!

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